Hospital Guides

Your hospital, if it’s like most, probably has a wide variety of different types of information that must be distributed to patients and visitors.  You may be handing out several brochures and loose sheets to each patient just to be sure you have adequately covered all the information that you either want to, or are required to provide to the patient.

With a PCI Hospital Guide you can have all that information in one tidy, comprehensive, pocket-sized magazine. No more gathering, stapling, or placing loose sheets and different sized brochures into envelopes. Simply hand them your Hospital Guide and rest assured they have everything they need in a guide that you can take pride in.

Your PCI Guide is a fully-customized 4 color publication designed specifically for your hospital. The frequency of publishing is based on your needs. It may be just what you’ve been looking for and maybe the best part is-- you can have your own PCI Hospital Guide at NO COST to your hospital. We’ve published Guides for Hospitals from large to small. We can design and publish one that meets and exceeds your every need.


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University Health System San Antonio

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Saint Luke's Hospital

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Here are a few of the features of your PCI Guide...

-Full color photos and text, throughout the Guide, makes the information more appealing and engaging to the reader.

-Custom cover and all content can be changed through the year based on the frequency you choose.

-Complete professional design and production services are provided at NO COST.

-Your Guide will be accompanied by our ePub. It's an exact, electronic, interactive version of your Guide that can be emailed, as a link, to anyone with computer access prior to admission. It's also provided at NO COST with your PCI Guide.